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God Creating Primordial Earth

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ScriptureFLIGHT is dedicated to God’s Word, through the Trinity of God’s Revelation.

ScriptureFLIGHT is the personal Blog of Ray L Bailey. It contains all the things I am interested in. Each page and post is a reflection of my own views of the world as informed by a life of hard knocks and dearly held faith in the Living Scripture through the4 Hole Bible. Yet at all times fully aware of the Latter Days we live.

Our current cultural war against Christianity is created by our increasingly godless and technical world-view. Rabid liberal-progressive fascism, globalism, with a long list of other social, economic and religious pressures are assaulting Christian doctrines. Each of these doctrines is grouped under the two major headings of Special Revelation and General Revelation, through the process of Progressive Revelation.

Currently, our dearly held faith in Biblical Authority is mishandled by both sides of the long-running Creation Wars while Open Theism is a new heretical doctrine sweeping the Church. Both of these come out of a faulty understanding of the three Revelations which control everything we know, think, or feel, about the world we live.

Without a firm teaching of the Trinity of Revelations, our church leaders, pastors, scholars, and sunday school teachers unknowingly espousing error leading to conflict, uncertainty and doubt, causing a retreat from engagement with the world.

I am dedicated to providing sources, discussion, and food for thought. We may appear to disagree with some currently held doctrines. However, this site exists to discuss, teach, and learn about Biblical Interpretation as it applies to the Trinity of Revelation. As such, we would as such I will point out places where changes in doctrine may be appropriate.

I am dedicated to an open and frank discourse with toleration and respect in language and demeanor.

Please join us in an attempt to find a new flight path for our faith, based on Scripture.I desire for all Christians to prepare in these latter days, to be ready to fly together into Elohim God’s wonderful future!

Welcome Aboard!

Your ScriptureFLIGHT Senior Captain